What a good puzzle room review should look like?

Have you ever wondered when writing a review what you should include in it and how to make it really helpful for the readers? Often we do not know what a good review should look like so that we can get the most out of it. Therefore, we come to you with a little hint of what and how.

First of all, a good review must not spoil the fun and give away details that would reveal the whole secret of the room. Try not to spoil and write solutions to puzzles, because unfortunately, by doing so you might ruin the fun for others. Better write that something surprised you or was unexpected instead. In addition, you can delve into the plot of the room which will let potential future players know what the theme of the room will be. So, a good review can include a little more information about the room’s theme and whether it really appealed to you. You can also share whether the escape room met your thematic expectations.

Share your impressions of the game master 

The staff plays a very significant role in the puzzle room, so much of your fun depends on the game master. Brag specifically about your experiences and feelings. Tell whether the instructions that the game master gave were clear and sufficient, and whether communication was easy and effective. Be sure to mention this because new players may be a bit intimidated booking their first room. When they know that they will receive help at any time, it will certainly clear up their doubts.

Also, think about the questions you’d like to have answered before you play a puzzle room. Most room reviews describe how difficult it was for the group to find solutions to the puzzles. It’s great that this is described, however, it would be better to add some details beyond stating “it was quite difficult,” and that way it will be easy to know if it’s a good review. Also describe how many people were in the room, and whether the difficulty of the puzzles in the escape room was based on its quantity or complexity. 

Does the style of the room affect our choice?

Yes, every time we choose an escape room we pay attention first of all to the style of the room. We choose it according to our taste, age, or the group of people we are going with. That’s why it’s important for a good review to include a description about what the style of the room was like.  Some people are looking for a scary place that will make their blood run cold. Meanwhile, others are looking for a cool idea for an evening out with friends or family. 


Also make sure that your review is not too long, but nevertheless that it contains everything it should. Length greatly affects the willingness to read an opinion. 

Finally, remember that every good review should include graphics. Don’t be shy to ask if the game master after the game can take a picture of you in a memorable place.


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