Linear room or nonlinear room – what to choose?

You want to visit an escape room and have already found your favorite. You are browsing the site for information about it, when suddenly you come across information that it is a linear room (or a nonlinear room). What does that actually mean? We’re here to answer that question. Adventure rooms have certain types and below we will explain what they mean.

Linear room

This is the type of escape room in which the most important thing is the plot. The puzzles guide you one by one, and the story unfolds before your eyes. The element you find connects to the next one and gives you access to the next stage. You can work together on one puzzle at a time to then move on to the next. The goal of such a game is immersion, so be sure to get into the mood and follow the clues!

Non-linear room

Unlike the previous one, the non-linear room offers you, right at the start, access to many elements. It’s worth coordinating your team then – as you can complete many puzzles at once. Sometimes you will have to go back to previous puzzles, because you will find something that matches previously found items… In such a room, too, you can let yourself be carried away by its plot and take on the role of searchers or explorers.

Gamescape escape rooms

At Gamescape Krakow, we offer escape rooms in various forms, so you can choose freely. Do you prefer a linear room? You’re in for an oriental adventure in the atmosphere of China – try Curse of the Dragon. You’re feeling like a secret agent mission – C.H.I.M.E.R.A. Protocol. And if you fancy a non-linear room – no problem! Book Enchanted Amulets, which will introduce you to the world of magic, as well as Dead Man’s Chests, where pirate gold awaits you. There’s also Anatomy of Crime 2, for a true detective mood. There you will find the best mix of what a linear room and a non-linear room have to offer. You will get acquainted with the story of each on our website.

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