Safe puzzle rooms

Probably more than once, when choosing an escape room as an afternoon attraction, you might have met a person who was not positive about this form of entertainment. There is a common misconception that puzzle rooms carry some risk. It may be related to the fact that in some of them groups are locked, without the possibility of leaving without interference from the Game Master. The time limit, the task of saving the world or finding the treasure strongly stimulates and definitely raises the adrenaline level of the participants. These may be the reasons why puzzle rooms are associated at times with something risky. But is this really the case? 

Game rules in puzzle rooms

Currently puzzle rooms and their storyline are not always about escaping. At Gamescape, we take care of the variety – the missions that a group can carry out in the puzzle rooms are very varied. Actually it is more appropriate and more increasingly used to call them ‘adventure rooms’. The main aim of the adventure rooms is first and foremost to give the group a fun and movie-like experience.

The rooms at Gamescape are built so that you can always leave them. Our escape rooms always have open doors and emergency mechanisms to open all possible latches in the room. During the game, the group is constantly watched by the game master and is in constant contact with them, usually via walkie talkie. Participants always learn the game rules before they enter the room – the master explains them what they have to pay special attention to and how to behave in order for the game to run smoothly and safely. If the group knows the game rules and follows them, it bodes well for a wonderful and safe adventure!

Adventure rooms in Krakow – Gamescape!

We go to great lengths to ensure that the group has a chance to experience something unforgettable, something that will stimulate the minds of the participants in a positive and unusual way. Our Game Masters are always ready to provide you with as much entertainment as possible in the safest way possible. There are 6 puzzle rooms waiting for you at Gamescape, each with different themes – there is something for everyone! So if you haven’t had the chance to experience such an adventure yet, we are waiting for you!


Let’s go explore some Cracow

Come take with us another journey right away. Choose the date, meet us at the square, wherefrom the game starts and fall in love with the city. You can already do a reservation on our website here. Cracow’s Legends are waiting for another great players, who would want to know their secrets. Let’s go with us to the outside!




Zombie Escape Room – to zestaw DIY do przygotowania zombiakowego escape roomu w domu.

UWAGA! Ten zestaw przekształci Twój salon w przygodę z przygryzaniem paznokci w tle! Szczególnie polecany na wspólną imprezę podczas pobytu w domu.

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