Have you ever wondered…

…what does a game master’s work day in an escape room look like? What time does he or she show up at the premises, what (besides the most obvious ones, like introducing groups and supervising them during the game) duties does he or she have, and what activities does he or she spend breaks on?

…what does a game master’s work day in an escape room look like? What time does he or she show up at the premises, what (besides the most obvious ones, like introducing groups and supervising them during the game) duties does he or she have, and what activities does he or she spend breaks on?


After all, I happened to paint the walls, hang decorations in one of the rooms, create hints engraved on wooden plaques, run Instagram and Facebook, and send commemorative photos to the participants of the game (I still remember the heartwarming text messages in which I was thanked for a great time :D), stock the premises with magical artifacts – for example, toilet paper, send letters to institutions, clean the entire premises tll everything shines, and take care of the company’s documentation.

And all this in between each of the groups visiting us, when I was becoming the game master and did what I described in the first lines 😉 Sounds good, huh? It is!

As you can see for yourself, being a game master is not at all limited to sitting in front of the monitor and giving tips to participants. A game master is a much broader concept! That’s why I’ve prepared for you a mini game master’s guide, which will bring you a little closer to the realities of my work, and also show you how to survive the weekend and not go crazy 😉 It’s not without a funny anecdote, and believe me – it’s not difficult to find one when you’re employed in an escape room Cracow!

Ready to learn the behind-the-scenes of my profession? If so, I invite you to continue reading! 😀


NI could never complain about boredom, especially on the weekend, when sometimes it was impossible to deal with any side activities! During this time, there were really a lot of people passing through Gamescape – after all, several rooms and city games is a lot to deal with! In addition, Friday, Saturday and Sunday are usually the best days to hold a bachelor/bachelorette party or birthday party.

Sometimes, during such events, the polish “mistrz gry” was replaced by a “game master” – then you had to scale the heights of linguistic eloquence and shine in English 😉 But even without that, there was a lot going on! Because in addition to the standard preparation of the room, you also had to cover gifts and/or quizzes, as well as prepare a special room where guests had the opportunity to relax for a while after the party was over, and enjoy a cake or drinks. It sometimes happened that someone on the team got stuck in traffic or ended up at the wrong address, and this narrowed the timeframe in which the room could be restored to its original state before the next group. And these could be several at a time, for different games, of course, 😉


A whole lot of turmoil sometimes makes it difficult to coordinate the various tasks. However, somehow we manage to do it! How? Well, the first and most basic issue is smooth communication between me and my co-workers. A quick exchange of ideas, what was already done and what wasn’t, where to go, who to take care of, etc. etc. You may know this from personal experience 😉

Hand in hand with the flow of information went poise and calmness. Transforming oneself into a lotus flower did not always prove easy, but it usually brought the best results – it made the mind think more soberly and the body follow its orders without objection.

It was also important to be very flexible and able to adapt to the situation while sticking to the plan. Sounds like those two things are mutually exclusive, right? Well, over time, the ability to combine these threads could be mastered to perfection 😉

But none of this would have succeeded if it weren’t for the participants’ willingness to cooperate, their forbearance and gratitude 😀
And also their willingness to compensate, for example, in the case of the escape of the last bus. What are we talking about?

Attention, now it’s time for an anecdote! About my amazing trip in a rented van, when the gentlemen of the bachelor party were late for the last hour of fun! That’s when my shift came to an end around midnight, and I still had to clean my room for the next day and make all sorts of reports. There was no way I was going to make it in time for public transportation – and waiting alone in the city center for the next bus for over an hour didn’t exactly make me smile.


As a student, I couldn’t afford a cab either. Although I took the eager assurances of men that I would get home through them with a pinch of salt at first, as a last resort I decided to go a little crazy! Admittedly, I was a bit apprehensive, but it turned out that the men really felt like taking care of me! Incredibly, it was heartwarming! I also learned that one of the partygoers has a sister in Cracow, while the other two lived pretty close to where I lived until recently! Note for the second time! The game master’s guide not only entertains but also teaches: if you don’t want to have the poor moderator on your conscience, you’d better not be late – especially for the last hour! 😉

A few other threads could be added to all of this, but I think these were the most important ones. If you, too, work on weekends, for example, in catering or entertainment, then it’s possible that after reading you felt that the game master’s guide is quite universal, despite all the specifics of the profession 😉 And if working on the weekend is foreign to you, then you learned something interesting about it 😀.


Although working in the escape room in Cracow can be demanding, it also gives a huge kick to the action and the feeling that no situation will seem scary to me. 😀 From this one-of-a-kind experience, I mainly took from it: more confidence in action and knowledge of my weaknesses and strengths, the ability to embrace several tasks at once, a bit of assertiveness, a huge dose of fond memories, and the joy of providing other people with fun time! I recommend it to everyone! 🙂

And to you, readers and supporters of Gamescape, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the time we spent together, for every smile, uplift, appreciation of my efforts, patience and a whole lot of kindness! Without you, there would be neither this blog nor this place! I thank you kindly and hope to see you again sometime! Hey!




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