Ever since escape rooms were first created they keep gaining attraction and popularity as a way to spend free time. The expectations keep getting higher and higher as more escape rooms show up on the horizon. So what exactly is it that makes an escape room worth your time?


It’s not a groundbreaking observation that a decent escape room needs a good story. It should be obvious for anyone looking for an escape room to visit that the easily-scared players should probably avoid horror-based scenarios. Exit room should keep a good flow of the story, just like a movie does, and keep the playthrough surprising as well as cohesive. Whatever the aim of the game is – escaping the room, finding a hidden treasure or collecting evidence of an unspeakable crime – the players should be aware of the story they are about to partake in to keep them invested. Upkeeping an illusion, building a world that the players enter, makes the basic puzzle-solving worth all the effort!


We can’t forget about the decorations! A great escape rooms is one that makes the players travel to wherever the story takes place – and achieving that is only possible if the room has been built with details in mind. Making the room interactive makes all the difference! Everything can be fun – turning the light on and off, working with a TV or a radio, finding buttons, knobs and movable trinkets. The more the players can actually do inside an escape room the more interesting they’ll find the gameplay. The players also interact with the Game Master and it’s a very important part of their experience. The Game Master is usually where the players can find hints if the puzzles turn out to be too challenging. It’s important that the Game Master takes care of the players, offering the right hints in a way that can quickly put the players on the right track. The Game Master is the start and the end of the escape room experience so it’s crucial that the interaction between them and the players is a nice one!


Anyone can come up with a puzzle, but a great escape room should be full of riddles that test the players abilities and attentiveness. The puzzles should also be cohesive with the theme of the game and the story that is being told through the gameplay. Not so easy anymore, is it? The best escape rooms are the ones that give you all the pieces and then leave you to sort them out. You should be intrigued, impatient and a little frustrated so that solving the riddle feels like a well-earned reward!


As you now know, there’s a lot of elements that need to be in place to make a good escape room. There’s a lot of interesting rooms in Krakow and we recommend checking them out! Here, at Gamescape, we have 6 original escape rooms for you to try! If you like detective stories, you’ll love Anatomy of Crime 2.0! In Protocol C.H.I.M.E.R.A. you’ll experience an story through advanced technologies. We have different themes and varying difficulty levels to make sure that everyone can find something that’ll suit their needs! Visit us and see for yourself!


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Zombie Escape Room – to zestaw DIY do przygotowania zombiakowego escape roomu w domu.

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