How to pick a good escape room

The entertainment industry is filled with interesting options and new attractions keep on popping up – so do escape rooms. You might have already heard about escape room experiences from your friends. Did it make you curious? Luckily, you can find an interesting escape room in every large city, so you should have an opportunity to check it out for yourself. But how do you choose a good escape room?


The company is always a priority. It’s important for a few reasons; firstly, the ease with which you’ll be solving the puzzles is dependent on the collective effort, but secondly – the escape room you pick has to be chosen on the basis of how many of you are going to play. Every room has a minimum and a maximum number of players that depends on the difficulty level of the game as well as the phisical limitations of the room. So, the first thing you should consider is how many of you are there and see what rooms for that group are available.


Before you make a reservation you should make sure that you can easily access the location of the escape room and carefully plan the route. The game you book will start at a set time and the Game Masters usually don’t have the means to move your game a few minutes forward. If you’re late – no matter the circumstances – your game time could be shortened. Take that into consideration to make sure that you can enjoy every minute you pay for.  It would be a shame if you didn’t finish the puzzles because you lacked a few minutes that had to be cut off.


One of the most important things in choosing an escape room is the story that you’ll be playing through. Make sure to choose a scenario that you can vibe with, that will get you excited for the game. If you’re not a fan of horror then don’t try anything too scary for your first time. See what kind of scenarios are available, make sure you find something interesting for you!


Last, but not least: the riddles are a key element that will make or break your first experience. Most escape rooms have an estimated difficulty level and you should take that into consideration. The puzzles should be tricky and demanding, but you don’t want to feel absolutely lost and like the room is unsolvable. Be honest with yourself and choose a room that will be a challenge, not an impossibility.


Even though the reviews don’t have to influence your decision, they can get you hyped for the room you choose or otherwise get you prepared for the experience. The reviews can however help you make a reservation, offer a perspective you won’t have unless you try the room youself. While you’re checking the reviews, see how the escape room employees answer the negative opinions – you can learn a lot about a company through the way they interact with their clients.


Now that you know how to choose an escape room perfect for your needs you can use that information by actually making a reservation! In Gamescape you can find 6 original escape rooms with varying scenarios and specifications (the difficulty levels, maximum amount of players and game time). You will definitely find something you like – we can’t wait to see you!


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