Escape rooms are not only a great opportunity to spend time with your loved ones in a creative way, but also a way of discovering what type of player you are. Pressure of time, which spurs us on and at times, can influence us if we let it take control of us. If you’ve been wondering what type you are suits you best – now you have the perfect chance to check!


The first type standing out the most from the group is the LEADER – they are the one to take control of the whole team (and sometimes the whole game). Their ideas are often accurate, and they are convinced of their infallibility. Unfortunately, their self-confidence and desire for control sometimes may prove to be a fatal mistake for the group. They are – most often – not willing to compromise. To unleash the Leader’s creativity and ingenuity at the highest level, players must often let them act and guide everyone on the right track, so that they think they were the originator of the solution to the puzzle.

The next player is the ANALYST – this is the one who allows the group to gather all the necessary information in the myriad of ways to get around the puzzles. They need some time to gather every little piece and even more time to make sure that they have definitely taken all the elements into account. Their insights won’t always be useful, but some of them will certainly help the group. Working with them requires patience, but giving them space and time to work quietly and effectively can turn out to be a success. The analyst’s attentive eye will allow you to notice even the unnoticeable elements, which may be necessary to complete the room.


is a character that guarantees a game full of joy and satisfaction. They are the ones to introduce the most laughter during the game and make sure that every player feels comfortable. They quickly settle the occurring conflicts in the group with their humor and allow to gather many pleasant memories from the the escape room game. They give the team more opportunities to integrate, which helps the team to work more efficiently. They don’t always focus on the riddles, but you can always count on their ability to provide entertainment and bring a smile to the face of each player.


This player, one might say, is the least distinguished type in the group. It doesn’t mean that their presence is less important in the escape room. The art of compromise is their best known skill, and it allows them to find a common solution, which most often turns out to be accurate. They make sure that everyone feels comfortable and listened to, appreciate all ideas and even in the most absurd instances – they can be the one to find an useful element that can be crucial to the team’s victory.


Escapegames will not only give you a chance to test yourself, but also your loved ones. That’s why an escape room is a great opportunity for a first date or a team-building meeting – you can immediately observe how a person works under time pressure and with whom you work best together. In Gamescape Krakow there are as many as 6 rooms waiting for you. After passing them, you will surely have no doubts what type of player you are. If you haven’t yet chosen which one you are closest to, we are waiting for you and will be happy to help you discover it!


Let’s go explore some Cracow

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Zombie Escape Room – to zestaw DIY do przygotowania zombiakowego escape roomu w domu.

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