Escape room versus scare house – what’s the difference?

Many of our customers ask us if there is anything scary inside the rooms. And while we are always keen to meet your expectations, if you come to Gamescape Krakow to be scared, this is not necessarily a good place for that. After all, you can play in an escape room with us, it’s not a scare house and while some people think there’s not much difference, they are two different ideas

Escape room and scare house – differences 

The biggest difference between an escape room and a scare house is your role in the prepared scenario. Inside the puzzle room, you have a specific mission that you have to complete in order to win. To do this, you use your cleverness, logical thinking skills and work with the group you come with. You and your team solve logical puzzles, look for more clues — and all within a certain time limit. Not only is it a decent dose of excitement, but also a solid brainstorming session.

The main objective of a Scare House, on the other hand, is to traverse a spooky route, where various spooks stand in your way: items falling from the ceiling, jumping out of corners and even live actors who chase you through the game. The décor of the house of terror depicts abandoned buildings, prisons and haunted houses that you may often encounter when watching horror movies. Walls sprinkled with blood, chains hanging from the walls and creepy props can terrify anyone.

Room for the bravest

If you want to combine fear and puzzle-solving in Gamescape Krakow we have something for you. In the Anatomy of Crime 2 room, even the toughest of tough guys can get spooked. A terrifying plot with a serial killer in the background, and all this in the middle of a room where there is no shortage of scary sounds and blood. After all, you end up in the murderer’s hideout. The police are waiting for more daredevils to take on the role of intrepid detectives and solve the mystery of the Backboner once and for all. Find out all the details of the mission on our website.


Let’s go explore some Cracow

Come take with us another journey right away. Choose the date, meet us at the square, wherefrom the game starts and fall in love with the city. You can already do a reservation on our website here. Cracow’s Legends are waiting for another great players, who would want to know their secrets. Let’s go with us to the outside!




Zombie Escape Room – to zestaw DIY do przygotowania zombiakowego escape roomu w domu.

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