Exciting school trip at Gamescape

Exciting school trip at Gamescape

The school year is in full swing, but that doesn’t mean that you should spend all your time in classes and doing homework. You can find a way to creatively spend your time at Gamescape. If you want to take part in an amazing school trip, keep on reading!

Exciting school trip at Gamescape

Our first proposition is an escape room of course. We have something for both first graders and teens. Our escape rooms are great for exercising creative thinking, perceptivity and teamwork – all very important qualities to care for in school.

At Gamescape you can find 6 different game scenarios in which players can become pirates looking for a lost treasure, young wizards, detectives looking for a serial killer, ancient heroes on a magical quest or riddle-solving champions.

Outdoor city game

Gamescape is not just escape rooms – we can also offer a unique way of sightseeing in Krakow. During our outdoor city games all the puzzles are located in the open air. Students would be equipped with an iPad with GPS and AR technology as well as a game set full of gadgets. The whole game with built in hints and instructions is in the iPad that the players get from us. During the 2,5hour game all of the gadgets from the set need to be used for puzzle-solving.

You can try and save the world playing Operation Mindfall Codename: Spiderweb or get to know the Zwierzyniec district during a fantasy game 8 Portals. For students 8 to 12 years old with have a game called Magic Portal.
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Your amazing school trip is almost ready!

All that’s left to do is to gather the students and send them off on an amazing adventure! Whichever scenario you choose, our Game Masters are happy to aid you on your way to completing the game. You can find our full itinerary with more details on our website.




Zombie Escape Room – to zestaw DIY do przygotowania zombiakowego escape roomu w domu.

UWAGA! Ten zestaw przekształci Twój salon w przygodę z przygryzaniem paznokci w tle! Szczególnie polecany na wspólną imprezę podczas pobytu w domu.

Pobierz, wydrukuj i imprezuj już dziś wieczorem!