Puzzle rooms for children at Gamescape Krakow

More and more parents are looking for interesting entertainment: we receive a lot of requests as to whether we have puzzle rooms for children. As always, Gamescape Krakow is able to meet customer requests and we can assure you that yes — we do have rooms where children can play. However, there are a few things you should know before coming with your child to an escape room.

An escape room will not be right for every child. They need to be able to focus on the task at hand and work as a team, otherwise they may find the escape room boring instead of fun and be reluctant to approach solving the puzzles. However, we know from experience that even the most languid players thrive when they are in the middle of solving riddles. 

Children can play with us from the age of 7 – we often welcome such youth on school trips or for birthday parties in the escape room. We adapt the puzzles inside to the age and number of players. They are not as difficult as those for adults, but you still have to do some thinking. After all, you don’t go to an escape room to have everything handed to you on a platter. There must always be an adult inside of the room, for the safety and comfort of the children. This could be a parent, brother, sister, someone else from the family or a friend. Our Game Masters watch over you through cameras and help with puzzles, but an adult pair of eyes in the room is essential. The door is always open, so children can leave at any time if they feel the need to do so.

Which puzzle room for children will be a good fit?

At Gamescape Krakow we have many options. Enchanted Amulets and Dead Men’s Chests are rooms that work well for children. These are the escape rooms where we have the option to modify and make some of the puzzles easier. There are no scary elements there either, but if your child is afraid of the dark they may have a harder time as both rooms are semi-dark. There will also be plastic spiders, which have scared even the daredevils of the groups, but you may not even notice them during the game. The Dead Man’s Chest is the perfect room for a smaller group, as up to six people can play inside. Pirate gold awaits the true adventurers! Enchanted Amulets work well with larger groups, up to 9 people can play there at the same time and everyone will have something to do. Schools of Magic await wizards who will want to learn their best-kept secrets and find the eponymous enchanted amulets. 

For teenagers, the Chimera Protocol might also be a good room. There, unfortunately, the puzzles remain unchanged, so this is a choice for more experienced young players. Rooms we do not recommend for children are Anatomy of Crime and Curse of the Dragon. The former mentioned contains gory elements that are not good for under 16, while Curse of the Dragon is a room for more advanced players and children will find it simply too difficult.

Escape rooms for different occasions

A children’s puzzle room will also work well if you want to organise a birthday party in an escape room. It’s a good opportunity to have fun, improve teamwork skills and experience an unusual form of entertainment. 

Now that we’ve said all the important things – it’s time to make your decision. Choose the children’s puzzle room that best meets your expectations. Whether it’s diversifying your time with the family, strengthening bonds with your colleagues or having a birthday party in an escape room Gamescape Krakow is good for any occasion. See you at Gamescape!


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