European Games in Krakow

European Games in Krakow

This year Krakow had the honor of hosting the 3rd European Games. These competitions fall within the rank of European championship, and some disciplines will be qualified for the next Olympic Games thanks to the European Games. More than 7,000 athletes from 48 countries will take part. The competition is actually 29 different sport disciplines, so we will introduce you to three interesting sports that caught our fancy. 


European Games – interesting sports disciplines

One of the disciplines was conducted in the Market Square itself. Teqball can be called a combination of soccer and table tennis. Players have to bounce the ball with their feet, head or body against a special table that looks like a curved ping pong table. The discipline is relatively new, as it was invented in 2014. It is worth mentioning that the European Games that year was won by Poles, who returned back home with a bronze around their necks.

Another interesting discipline is artistic swimming. Competitions are held in solo, duet, team (8 people), combination (10 people) and mixed duet. Athletes present an arrangement of synchronized exercises in the water to music, and the competition itself is divided into two stages.

In our ranking of interesting sports, the next place (definitely not the last!) is occupied by breaking. It will make its debut at the Olympic Games in 2024. In Krakow, 32 participants – 16 women and 16 men – took part in the competition. Competitors compete in tournament mode. The first day is the group phase, where 4 groups of 4 players each compete. On the second and third day quarterfinals, semifinals and finals were held. Those who have watched the movie Step Up know what this discipline is all about (and those who haven’t seen it, it’s a good moment to catch up). Breaking athletes are dancers who impress with their limberness, flexibility, strength and sense of rhythm. Although from the very beginning it was about competition, it’s worth remembering that what matters most is having fun to the rhythms of hip-hop.

Champions’ Showdown – challenging logic puzzles 

Moreover at Gamescape you can also take on the role of an Olympian by trying to solve difficult logic puzzles in our Champions’ Showdown room. This room can be called the Olympics for intellectuals. Difficult logic puzzles, dexterity puzzles, general knowledge puzzles and auditory puzzles – they all can be found in our boxes. Playing in a team of 2 to 5 people, you compete against the other team. Each crate is different, so you can visit us twice in the same lineup and face different crates. Whoever collects more tokens in faster and solves all the chests becomes the winner. So what do you say, ready to take on the Gamescape challenge and become escape room Olympians?


Let’s go explore some Cracow

Come take with us another journey right away. Choose the date, meet us at the square, wherefrom the game starts and fall in love with the city. You can already do a reservation on our website here. Cracow’s Legends are waiting for another great players, who would want to know their secrets. Let’s go with us to the outside!




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