Escape rooms advantages

Escape rooms in Poland are already quite popular and more and more rooms are appearing every month. The unforgettable experience that this type of entertainment is characterised by makes the number of people willing to test themselves in the game grow every day. However, not everyone knows why this type of entertainment is good for our bodies and minds, and why it can bring us many benefits. That is why we have created this article for you – list of escape room advantages. We want to help you with the decision whether to visit us or not. Go ahead, read on!

List of escape rooms advantages

First of all: brain training. Each puzzle room is characterised by varied puzzles that require no small amount of mental effort from the players. In Gamescape, the doors to the rooms are left open, but our brains often play tricks on us and we get the feeling that we have been locked inside the room after all, which often prevents our minds from using pre-learned patterns. So we start to think outside the box. Interesting puzzles and dexterity puzzles give us amazing brain training.

Secondly: integration in the group. Cooperation is an essential factor for success in an escape room. Whether your group is 4, 6 or 2 people – you won’t be able to solve the puzzles if you don’t work together. This is what makes the escape room the ideal place for integration. Whether it’s a school trip, a company team-building event or an outing with friends, the escape room is suitable for any situation. 

Thirdly: it is an educational game for both children and adults. People often do not realise how much can be gained from escape rooms (and we are not talking about taking away elements of the room’s design). Acting in a team, we have the opportunity to test many skills, learn from others and, above all, acquire new experiences. Interesting puzzles allow us to learn out-of-the-box thinking, which is very useful in life. In this way, both children and adults have the chance to use their potential to the maximum and get the most out of practising their cognitive functions. Learning through play is one of the most enjoyable and effective forms of acquiring knowledge, as it allows new skills to be acquired quickly. Players do not focus on learning and the bonuses from solving the puzzles appear by themselves.

Fourthly: the repertoire of experiences. A thrill, a happy mood or a lot of laughter are just examples of the experiences you can have in an escape room. Thanks to the different game scenarios, you are able to choose what you would like to experience on any given day. Do you want to venture into the blood-chilling hideout of a serial killer? Or feel the weight of responsibility of saving the world as secret agents? Or perhaps your curiosity has led you to a treasure island? The possibilities are many. It all depends on what kind of experience you want. And don’t worry, the thrill will always be there – after all, you are under time pressure. 

Fifthly (and most importantly!): guaranteed fun! Escape rooms are entertainment for everyone. A school trip in a puzzle room will be remembered by all the students, friends will talk for hours about what they could have done better inside, and employees will have a topic of conversation during their lunch break. The variety of scenarios, difficulty levels and interesting puzzles will make your game a memorable experience.

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