Dungeons and Dragons

With the start of April, the film “Dungeons and Dragons”, which is inspired by the role-playing game of the same name, has arrived in theaters. The film tells the story of a group of thieves who attempt to steal in order to recover a lost relic. However, things get complicated when they meet the wrong people on their way.

Dungeons and Dragons is a fantasy game originally released in 1977 complete with a basic game set. The rules, while they may seem complicated at first, become more intuitive as the game progresses. To start the game you need the starter kit and willing players – including one Game Master, who will run the entire game. Each player has the opportunity to create his own hero, which he will control all the time, and his only limits are his imagination – ( as long as there are some dungeons and dragons, of course ;)) The most important element of the game is, of course, the dice, which will have the greatest impact on the gameplay.


Puzzle Rooms vs Dungeons and Dragons

Perhaps at first it might seem that puzzle rooms might not have too much in common with this game, but the closer we look at the rules, the more similarities we can find. In both of these activities, we have to deal with a Game Master who controls the entire gameplay and players who take on the roles of characters and try to complete missions together. While puzzle rooms have a broader game theme (ancient China, spaceship, treasure island…) and players have characters imposed on them in advance, nothing limits them in giving them the qualities they dream of, which is also the case in Dungeons and Dragons.

Ancient China needs heroes!

If you like the vision of such an adventure, then at Gamescape we have an offer you can’t refuse – our Dragon’s Curse room is looking for daredevils to tackle it! You have an amazing opportunity to play the role of heroes who will save Ancient China. Only you can break the curse of the dragon and restore harmony between the spirit world and humans.

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Let’s go explore some Cracow

Come take with us another journey right away. Choose the date, meet us at the square, wherefrom the game starts and fall in love with the city. You can already do a reservation on our website here. Cracow’s Legends are waiting for another great players, who would want to know their secrets. Let’s go with us to the outside!




Zombie Escape Room – to zestaw DIY do przygotowania zombiakowego escape roomu w domu.

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