How to nail an escape room?

European Olympics are getting closer and closer – and this year, it’s happening in Krakow! All of the city can feel the competitive streak and if you would like to the part in the winning streak we have something for you. We have prepared some advice for anyone who wants to beat their record in puzzle-solving or even try to top the escape room’s best time. You have probably seen some kind of a glory board at the escape rooms you visited but have you ever dreamed of seeing your teams’ name on one of them? We have some tips and tricks that might help you make that dream come true ?



Beating an escape room is always a team effort. Make sure to engage as many people as the room allows – it might be hard to top a record in a room dedicated for 6 people if you come in a duet. The quantity is a big part of the success, but so is the quality of the teammates. Solving puzzles in a timely manner requires good communication and working together, so you should make sure that your team consists of people that you have a mutual understanding and work well as a unit.


When walking into the room, take notice of whether the puzzles are to be solved in a linear way or if you can work on a few at a time that aren’t connected to each other. It’s good to divide and conquer when possible and make sure that every inch of the room has been thoroughly searched. Keep the whole team informed of your findings so that you can brainstorm the proper use for them.


Take note of the way the objects excluded from the game are marked – it will save you a lot of time during the puzzle-solving! An escape room is also decorated with things that are only there for aesthetic reasons and are not connected to any riddles. You can easily tell them apart if you’ve been to escape rooms before, but make sure to help those players who are not as experienced ?


It’s not groundbreaking that you need to be detail-oriented when solving puzzles in an escape room. Keep inventory of what you already found and try to guess what you might be missing; make sure to keep track of the elements you have already used and those you haven’t. Not everything you find can be used right away and then there are some puzzles that need many elements that you’ll keep stumbling upon throughout the game. Don’t lose your head!


Even though we try to make every new escape room unique, they can be quite similar on some level – the more escape rooms you visit, the more of these similarities you’ll notice and the quicker you’ll be able to get through them. Follow your intuition and don’t discard the first glance feelings – they tend to be right.


Although a puzzle-marathon can be great fun, it’s not usually the best way for beating the record. Solving riddles for a few hours straight can get tiring and slow you down, so if you want to give it your best then don’t overwork yourselves.



And there you have it – now you’re equipped with knowledge and all that’s left to do is make a reservation! If you’re planning to visit Krakow for the Olympics then definitely stop by and try to beat one of our records. We have six different escape rooms which gives you six unique chances to become Escape Room Masters!



Let’s go explore some Cracow

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