Imagine that you wake up in the morning and just before taking a shower you go to the kitchen to make yourself a delicious breakfast. You walk past the dining table, however, you immediately return to it quickly, because you realize that there is something on it. Something that wasn’t on it last night! How big is your astonishment when a huge, heavy box appears in front of your eyes? Not only did you not expect to find such a piece of equipment in your house, but in addition, it seems to be emanating a strange glow… Intrigued, but also a little frightened, you begin to go around the object, closely examining it. At first, you do not see anything special, but when you finally gather the courage and open the lid, inside you notice a lot of elements, as well as a piece of paper… You lift it carefully and begin to read. It turns out that the chest hides the truest treasure inside – the stone of immortality – and your task is to get it!


Immediately you return by memory to the figure of Nicolas Flamel, a prominent wizard alchemist. And it is the word “sorcerous” that catches your attention. Why did the chest appear in your house, if you were not given a chance to explore the art of magic? Maybe someone is playing a prank on you or simply made a mistake… However, somewhere in the depths of your heart, you feel that the entrustment of finding the stone of immortality to you is not a trivial thing and is certainly not suitable for the subject of pranks, and the object itself is too valuable for anyone to make a mistake like that! But does this mean that someone has discovered in you a talent to unravel the riddles that the old wooden box hides inside, and finally get this magical artifact?


Admittedly, you can’t deny your cleverness, but it just never occurred to you that this is how you’d be able to enter the wizarding world! Suddenly you feel a surge of excitement, for you realize that what you have long dreamed of is now at your fingertips! Although you still can’t believe your luck, you set about working out the puzzles without a second thought! In time, you ask the rest of your family to help – after all, you can’t imagine using the stone alone! However, you know very well that in order to earn it, you first need to put some effort into getting to it… That’s why you and your helpers patiently decipher puzzle after puzzle, hoping that soon you will become the owners of one of the most powerful magical artifacts of all time! Do you like such a vision? So do we!
But what if we told you that it is highly probable? Don’t believe it?
Then read on!


All right, then how to make a magic-charged object appear in your home? And what are the constantly mentioned: “mobile escape room”, “mobile puzzle room” and “mobile escape room Cracow”? We are already in a hurry to explain!

Well, as you have probably already guessed, it is one and the same – a game based on the idea of a classic puzzle room. In this game it’s all about solving one puzzle that’ll lead to another in order to complete the mission – in this case, it’s to find the stone of immortality 😉 Sounds easy, right?

And what’s behind the word “mobile”? Well… as we already mentioned, the chest is located in a different place from the building where Gamescape is located. So the game can take place wherever you wish – in your own apartment, at a family picnic in the park or a company event, or even at a wedding! The time and place of the game are entirely up to you! So, if you want to diversify yourself and your companions (household/family members/co-workers/wedding guests) leisure time, and at the same time you want everyone to get involved in a joint activity – there is no simpler way to do it than the mobile escape room we offer!

So? Will you take up on the task?


As we have already mentioned, our mobile puzzle room is quite a treat – as a huge number of various tasks await the participants to solve. In support of these words, we have proof in the form of a review by a person who is an old hand at escape rooms! Ms Tavani, who runs a blog on FB about puzzle rooms, wrote: “Riddles: we did not expect how many puzzles such an inconspicuous box can hide! There are really a lot of them, and they all fit beautifully into the theme of the game. There is no shortage of magic, horoscopes, runes, tarot cards, magic tricks, potions, books and even dragons! We will see there mainly padlocks, it is on them that the game is based. There are also manual puzzles, those using a magnet or even requiring a bit of gymnastics.” Such arguments can’t be challenged😉

A whole lot of puzzles plus an engaging storyline and friendly theme make the game really engaging. After all, who doesn’t at least for a moment want to become the truest wizard? 😉 So fulfilling your childhood dreams becomes possible!


But our proposal is not only great entertainment – it’s also a valuable time, where participants will not only stimulate their brain cells but also strengthen bonds and establish relationships! If you are worried that your event involves the participation of a mixed, unfamiliar people – here is a great way to get to know each other better! And after all, nothing brings people together like having fun and building mutual communication and trust 😉.

If you are convinced by the above arguments, which also apply to classic puzzle rooms, the mobile escape room also gives you more freedom! As we mentioned earlier, we are ready to show up at your doorstep with a mysterious trunk, so you don’t have to drive anywhere yourself, or worry about whether you’re sure everyone will arrive at the address. Besides, the magic chest can turn out to be one of the elements of a larger whole – for example, a wedding!

Speaking of which, a puzzle room woven in between other attractions can be a huge surprise for the participants! Such an endeavor is sure to create a furore among the guests! And you will be hailed as the best and most creative host in the whoooole world 😀 !


To participate in the fun prepared by the Gamescape team, you don’t need to call out “Accio!” at all. – instead, you’ll need more Muggle-like solutions, such as a phone call or email 😉 So if you’re intrigued by the mobile escape room in Cracow, be sure to reach out and contact us today! 😀




Zombie Escape Room – this is a DIY kit for preparing a zombie escape room at home.

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