Escape room – expectations vs. reality: truth behind logical puzzles

What is an escape room?

It’s simply a group entertainment that requires logical thinking. As the name suggests, usually the task is to escape the room and the rules are quite simple. You must solve all the logical puzzles in given time. Every escape room has a different theme so it’s easy to find one that suits your interests. What exactly can you expect in our escape rooms?

Looking for the key

Finding a key and leaving the room is the most popular destination in an escape room, at Gamecape (Krakow escape room) however all the doors are either open or have emergency exits. The goal of the game isn’t getting a key but solving all the puzzles and finishing the unique storyline of the room.

The purpose of the game

There are six original rooms that we offer at Gamescape (Krakow escape room). There’s Protocol C.H.I.M.E.R.A. where the players assume the role of secret agents; you could be looking for a lost pirate treasure in Dead Men’s Chests; search the lair of an infamous serial killer in Anatomy of Crime; in Enchanted Amulets you re wizards trying to save the world of magic from a dark warlock; Curse of the Dragon takes you back to ancient China and on the expedition through the eastern legends; last, but not least you could take part in riddle-solving olympics and win in the Champions’ Showdown. The diversity of our games means that there’s something for both children and adults. You could easily organize a birthday party, stag do or a hen party. You can simply invite your friends or make it a company event! It’s a great Krakow activity for anyone looking for some fun – find out more at our website: ESCAPE ROOM KRAKÓW

Logical puzzles and more

Solving puzzles is the only way to finish the room. You’ll have to show off your logical thinking, cleverness, resourcefulness and sometimes even some previous knowledge. Only by working together as a team do you have a chance of winning. Each room has a time limit, which at Gamescape is at least 45 minutes and even up to 75 minutes. During your game a Game Master is keeping an eye on your struggles to offer some help if you ever need it.

Try it yourself!

Nothing else left to do – try it out in practice and visit one of our escape rooms! Analyze all your expectations and see the reality. Go on our website, find the date and time you’re interested in and go on an incredible adventure! Make your reservation for this Krakow activity here:




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